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Negative Exponents and Scientific Notation

Multiply and simplify. Leave your answer in exponential notation.

Divide and simplify.

Evaluate the expression.

9) Evaluate for x = 8:

10) Evaluate for x = -3:

11) Evaluate for x = -3:

12) Evaluate for x = -5:


Write an equivalent expression without negative exponents and, if possible, simplify.

Write an equivalent expression with negative exponents.

Simplify. Write your answer using only positive exponents. Assume that all variables represent nonzero numbers.

Simplify. Write the answer using only positive exponents.

Simplify. Write the answer using positive exponents only.

Evaluate using a calculator.

Convert to decimal notation.

Convert to scientific notation.

Write scientific notation for the number given in calculator notation.

Simplify and write the answer using scientific notation.

Answer Key
Testname: SECTION1-4