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Beginning & Intermediate Algedra Review

0.7(5.4) Special Factoring Rules

Exercises 7-30
Factor completely.
25) 4Y4 - 81

A) (2y2+9)(2y2-9)
B) Prime
C) (2y2+9)2

Exercises 33-53
26) 9x2 - 48x + 64

A) Prime
B) (3x-8)2
C) (3x-8)(3x+8)
D) (3x+8)2

0.8(10.1) Radical Expressions and Graphs

Exercises 7-16
Find all square roots of the number.
27) 576


Exercises 17-26
Find the square root.

Exercises 27-34
Find the square of the radical expression.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Exercises 39-50
Identify the given number as "Rational", "Irrational", or "Not a real number". If the number is rational,
give its exact value. If the number is irrational, give a decimal approximation to the nearest thousandth.
30) -sprt(36)

A) Irrational,-18.0000
B) Not a real number
C) Rational,-6
D) Irrational,-6.000

Exercises 63-86
Find the root if it is a real number.

Exercises 87-94
Graph the function and give its domain and its range.

Exercises 95-108
Simplify the root.

Exercises 109-116
Find the decimal approximation fir the radical. Round the answer to three decimal places if necessary.

Exercises 117-122
Solve the problem.
35) A manufacturers cost is given by where C is the cost and n is the number
of parts produced. Find the cost when 8 parts are produced.


Exercises 61-92
Express the radical in simplified form. Assume that all variables represent positive real numbers.

Exercises 93-98
Simplify the radical. Assume that all variables represent positive real numbvers.

Exercises 99-104
Simplify by first writing the radicals with the same index. Then multiply.

Exercises 109-112
Find the unknown length in the right triangle. Simplify the answer if necessary.

Exercises 113-118
Solve the problem.
40) The length of the diagonal of a rectangle is given by where L and W are the
length and width of the rectangle. What is the length of the diagonal ,D, of a rectangle that is
89 inches long and 52 inches wide? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of an inch, if necesssary.

A) 68 inches
B) 72.2 inches
C) 11.9 inches
D) 103.1 inches

Exercises 125-130
Find the distance between the pair of points.
41) (5,-7) and (7,-3)