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Section 4.1: Exponents
1.) base
2.) exponent
3.)Product Rule for Exponents
4.)Quotient Rule for Exponents
5.) Zero Exponent Rule
6.) Power Rule for Exponents
7.) Expanded Power Rule

Section 4.2: Negative Exponents

1.) Negative Exponent Rule
2.) Fraction Raised to a Neg. Exponent

Section 4.3: Scientific Notation

1.) Scientific notation
2.)To Write a # in Scientific Notation
3.) Convert from Scientific to Decimal
4.) Prefix’s
a.) nano
b.) micro
c.) milli
d.) base unit
e.) kilo
f.) mega
g.) giga

Section 4.4: Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials

1.) polynomial
2.) monomial
3.) binomial
4.) trinomial
5.) degree of a polynomial
6.) Adding Polynomials
7.) Subtracting Polynomials

Section 4.5: Multiplication of Polynomials

1.) Mult. a Monomial by a Monomial
2.) Mult. A Polynomial by a Monomial
3.) Mult. Binomials Using Dist. Prop.
4.) Mult. Binomials Using FOIL
5.) difference of two squares
6.) Squaring a Binomial