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Quadratic Formula

Quadratic Formula

Quadratic Formula Cont.

Example Problem

Use the quadratic formula to solve the
equation 4x^2-4x-3=0

After plugging the numbers, into the equation, we can separate the equation to
solve for both x.

Therefore we can concluded that x=1½ and -1/2.

Solve using the quadratic formula

The “discrininant”

The portion of the formula under the radical sign
(b^2 - 4ac) is called the discriminant.
·If the discriminant is negative:
·f the discriminant is zero:
1 real root
·If the discrinimant is positive … (> 0)
2 real roots

Methods to solve a Quadratic Equation
Use the square root property and
complete the square if necessary (6.5)
Use the quadratic formula (6.6)