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Accuplacer Assessment Test of Math

Assessment Hours

Assessment testing is available on a
walk-in basis only. Our office is located
inside the Counseling Center, SSB-201

Bring your valid CA picture ID and your
7-digit Crafton Hills College ID number.
If you no longer have this number, you
may contact the Admissions Office .

AFTER you have submitted the admissions
1. Review this brochure
2. Visit available study guide websites
3. Take the Assessment Test
4. See a Counselor


Monday—Thursday 8a—5p
Friday (Feb thru April) Closed
Friday (May thru August) 10a—1p




Closed 3rd and 4th week
of Fall and Spring semesters

*Hours subject to change. Call prior
to arrival for changes

Skill Building Websites
To help you prepare for the
Accuplacer Assessment Test

The Internet offers many useful Math, English
and Reading review sites. Feel free to review
in any area that you believe will help you when
you take our Assessment test. Since we do
not know which test level you will receive, review
in the areas that you choose.

About Accuplacer® What Accuplacer Covers About Accuplacer®
Accuplacer® is a computerized adaptive
test. The computer automatically
determines which questions are presented
to you based on your responses
to prior questions. This technique allows
the test program to select just the
right questions to ask without being too
easy or too difficult.

The Accuplacer® test is not pass/fail.
However the test will give your placements
based on multiple measures that
are built into the test program.

There are 4 basic parts that comprise
the Accuplacer® test: Reading Comprehension,
Sentence Skills, Elementary
Algebra along with either Arithmetic
and/or College Level Math. The level of
Math that you are given is based on
how you scored on the previous Math

Relax, take a deep breath, and try to do
your best. Your scores will determine
your placement into Math, Reading and
English. You will not be able to re-take
the test.

Since this is your only chance to take
the assessment test, you MUST come
prepared to test. Rest, eat, allow
enough time, relax and concentrate.

Scratch paper and pencils are provided.
Allow a minimum of 2 hours

Cell phones and calculators are not allowed
in the test area.

Reading Comprehension
Identifying Main Ideas
Direct Statements/Secondary Ideas
Applications Sentence Relationships

Sentence Skills
Recognize Complete Sentences
Clauses and Phrases
Clear Sentence Logic

Whole numbers and fractions
Decimals and Percents
Applications and Problem Solving

Elementary Algebra
Signed Numbers and Rational Numbers
Algebraic Expressions
Equations, Inequalities and Word Problems

College Level Math
Factoring & Expanding polynomials
Exponential Functions
Complex numbers
Since your scores and placements are
valid for two years, we strongly encourage
you to take the time and read this
brochure and follow the tips.

Good Luck!

Scores and placements are valid for
two years, therefore, we encourage
you to take the time to read through
this brochure and to follow the tips.

It is a good idea to review practice
tests on our website.

Test-taking tips
Multiple Choice questions
Eliminate obviously wrong answers
Test your choice by plugging it in

Test Anxiety
Breath deeply
Take your time
Do relaxation moves for 30 seconds
Roll head back and forth
Close your eyes

If you feel you need to review prior to
taking the test, use the web resources
we have listed on the reverse side of
this brochure.

Take as much time reviewing before
coming to the Assessment Center.
Once you are here, you will not be
allowed to take your review materials
into the center when you are testing.

Call us if you have any questions or
concerns. Your success at Crafton
Hills College is why we are here.