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My daughters math teacher recommended a program called Algebrator to help her with her algebra homework. I wish this program was around when I was in college!
Brian Phillips, WI

As the parent of an ADD child, Ive tried many different tutors and learning programs, and none have really worked. So, I must admit, I was skeptical about using yours. So soon after, when my sons math teacher called me to setup a meeting, I thought, Great, what now? But, to my delight, she wanted to know what my secret was because, as she put it, my son had done a complete 180 and was now one of her best students! So I told her what my secret was: your software!
Jenny Lane, AL

Being able to see how to solve a problem step by step, double checking my work and getting the answer right make Algebrator the best software that I've bought all year.
Madison Childress, FL

This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much!!
Perry Huges, KY

I originally bought Algebrator for my wife because she was struggling with her algebra homework. Now only did it help with each problem, it also explained the steps for each. Now my wife uses the program to check her answers.
Simon Charles, CA

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